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How to study for exams in secondary school

how to study for exams in secondary school

they come. To be a straight-A student, you dont need to have the physique of an Olympic-level athlete. Write in full sentences. Once you've answered the questions you know, move on to the ones you're not sure about. Homework (Thanks to Cal Newport for this one. Always keep track of how much time you have and try to use your time wisely. Revision What is revision?

That would take way too much time. Know how you learn best and work that into how you study. Ask for help, dont feel bad if you need to ask for help. It isnt practical to read every single word of every single set of notes out loud. Another memory trick is if you have to remember a string of numbers. 5 Don't do anything different. Mark down when youll start preparing for that Math exam, working on that History project, or writing that English paper. No, it is not. Don't use cellphones and social media while studying, even when you are on a break. Double-check your work on every question before you turn in your exam usd to cdn exchange today to avoid making silly mistakes. 31 So whenever possible, arrange your schedule such that you study the hardest topic right before you sleep. If you're engaged, you'll pay better attention.

How to Study For Exams Exam Tips Youth Central

how to study for exams in secondary school

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